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American Bandstand - 1965

Here is an interview with Jocelyn on American Bandstand that aired on July 17, 1965:

Interesting notes from the interview:

She states that she moved from New Rochelle, NY to England at age 12.
She says that she started acting a couple of years ago (HAHA!)
She says that she would like to sing in movies.
She says that she has been living back in the USA for about 10 months.
Dick refers to her as "Jackie" as he's finishing up the interview.

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Get Smart: Season 4

Recently, IMDB added a new listing to Jocelyn's filmography:  Season 4, Episode 16 of Get Smart, an episode that aired in January of 1969.  The listing is inaccurate; Jocelyn DOES NOT appear in that episode.  The on-screen credits at the end of the show include a listing for "Jackie Lane" as the "Hippie," but that person is not our Jocelyn.  The "Hippie" was played by a black male, and Jocelyn does not otherwise make an appearance.  Perhaps they will correct this entry in the future.

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Charlie Drake In: Grandad Was a Wrestler

Charlie Drake was a British comedian, actor, writer and singer who appeared in several TV show incarnations in Great Britain in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  Standing at only 5'1" tall, his famed catchphrase was "Hello my darlings!" as he was typically about eye-level with the bosom of a busty co-star.  He had a show called Charlie Drake In... that ran from 1958 to 1960.  

IMDB has added a credit to Jocelyn's filmography indicating that she appeared in an episode of this show, which was called Grandad Was a Wrestler.  It aired on November 25, 1958.

As far as I can tell, this show has never been released or re-broadcast, so my presumption is that it is likely a Jocelyn appearance that we will never get to view.  I have never seen any pictures from it either.

If anyone has any other information about Jocelyn's appearance in this show, I would love to hear about it.

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Jocelyn Lane: 1990 - Present

Very little information is available to tell us what Jocelyn was up to after the 1980's.  IMDB notes that, as of 2001:

"Jocelyn (as Jackie Lane) is a successful designer of feather necklaces and creator of 'Princess J Feather Collection,' being marketed in California and London."

I have no idea how accurate that information is, because I have never seen any other source to confirm it or explain it.

We can tell, however, that Jocelyn still occasionally has made the society pages in relation to her daughter and ex-husband, and the photos appear to show an attractive older woman that has aged gracefully.

Here is a picture of Jocelyn with her ex-stepsons and Alfonso's wife (or their mother Ira?).  I am not sure of the date (Christopher died in 2006).

Here is Jocelyn at Arriana's wedding in Marbella on June 30, 2001 (age 64):

Arriana married Dixon Boardman, a wealthy American businessman, who is 30 years older than her.  Press reports about the wedding indicated that Jocelyn, at that time, was a resident of Los Angeles.

Jocelyn's ex-husband, Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, died of prostate cancer at his mansion in Marbella, Spain on December 21, 2003 at age 79.  This appears to be Jocelyn (age 66) at Alfonso's funeral (over Arriana's left shoulder):

Jocelyn at Alfonso's funeral?

This picture of Jocelyn is reportedly from 2006 (age 69).

Alfonso's daughter, Desiree, with model Heidi Balzar, got married on September 22, 2012, and it appears that both of Alfonso's ex-wives and their children were in attendance.  Here is a photo that appears to show Jocelyn (age 75) in the background, wearing a hat (I don't know who the man is on her arm):

Jocelyn at Desiree's wedding?

I will update this post, if I learn any additional information about Jocelyn over the last 25+ years.  I will also continue to update the prior posts with new images and information as they become available to me.  If anyone happens upon my little blog and has additional information, I would love to know about it.

As for future new posts, they may not be as frequent, because the blog is set up as sort of a chronological pictorial biography of Jocelyn's life and career, comprised of the posts originated over the last 6 months.  I will, however, try to add some fun new posts from time to time.  For example, I intend to make a post that simply charts the reported dating life of Jocelyn through the years.  In other words, a list of the men linked romantically with Jocelyn at one time or another.

Let's hope that Jocelyn has her mother's genes and has many happy years ahead of her.  It would certainly be fascinating to meet and talk with her, or to read a current interview with her.  She has lived an interesting life.

UPDATE 9/1/2016:

A reader, Carlos, kindly provided the following additional information in a comment to a post:

"After divorcing from Alfonso she moved to the U.S, I think to New Hampshire and later to California.  On the occasion of her daughter's wedding to Investment Banker Dixon Boardman in Marbella she decided to move back to Spain.  She started her fashion accessories business.  At one point she needed a factory to produce her Handbags because she couldn't cope with the orders on her own anymore.  She therefore went on a business trip to Morocco.  Where she met a young Swiss Discjockey who was working in several Lounge Bars in and around Tangier.  He accompanied her in the capacity of a translator to Casablanca to negotiate a deal with a Leather manufacturer.  From what I heard the two of them fell madly in love and moved in together shortly after they met.  With Jackie moving first to Tangier, then to Casablanca and back to Tangier. Last I heard is that they live in Chelsea-London since 2013."

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Jocelyn Lane: 1980's

Jocelyn and Alfonso, circa 1980

For some cool, professional photos of Jocelyn from 1980, check out these links:

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 1

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 2

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 3

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 4

Jocelyn in Marbella with Arianna in 1980 - 5

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 6

Jocelyn in Marbella with Arianna 1980 - 7

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 8

Jocelyn in Marbella 1980 - 9

By 1980, it appears that any pretense of a happy marriage for Jocelyn and Alfonso was out the window.  Jocelyn gave a blistering interview regarding Alfonso in the September 25 - October 1, 1980 edition of the Spanish publication Interviu (which also included what appear to be some paparazzi-type sexy beach photos of Jocelyn).  It is translated below to the best of my ability using a machine translation as a guide.

Bad husband, fraud and liar

The beautiful actress opens up and denounces her former husband, the king of Marbella hospitality.

Prince Alfonso receives lots of publicity. He buys here, invests there, negotiates with oil dollars, sells his soul to the Arab sheiks, organizes the party of the century ... but nothing was known of his private life. It is always juicy to know how men of such social status are at home. He is portrayed by his wife as a ruthless man, bad husband and a bad father, who swindles his own legal wife, and lies while fathering other children. He is the "jet-set" of Marbella and does not grant a divorce (from a double marriage : Las Vegas and London) "because it was going to cost a lot of money."

Jackie Lane says, pointing her finger harshly at a picture of Alfonso de Hohenlohe, her husband: "This man is the greatest fraud in the world." She is - but not for long, it seems - the wife of the German-Spanish aristocrat creator of the "Marbella Club," artifice capital of the Moorish presence in the south coast and star of the international "jet-set".

She vibrate her nostrils when she accuses: "I have known him for ten years, three were happy and seven were crying.  He does not give me a penny for his daughter, and he hardly speaks to me.  He just had a child with a... senorita in Switzerland, and that is the biggest mistake he could have made. "

She speaks in spurts, but gradually calms down. We are sitting in the shade by the pool of a club in Marbella.

Tell the story, Jackie. Why are you on Alfonso's case?

Because I thought that he was the kindest man in the world. I was wrong, of course.  When I met him ten years ago, always we hung out with many people, twenty or thirty; and everyone was very friendly, a delightful man. Alfonso got the wrong profession; he should have been an actor.

Who proposed marriage to whom?

The wedding was a nightmare. We went for almost three years and I was very happy. He lived in a house near here, in San Pedro de Alcantara. One day Alfonso told me it was better to get married because, he said, people would say we are not a household.  That does not bother me, but I accepted married in Las Vegas.  The next day we were going to New York and he said on the plane: - Take off the ring and put it away. I thought it was a joke. He insisted: If some Spanish press discovers the marriage, that would be a disaster. My mother would die if she found me to have married a girl without noble title.  Save the ring or throw it in the bag, but did not let anyone see it.  In that moment, I started to mourn, and I have not yet finished.

He refused to treat you as his wife, come on?

He refused.  In the reception of the hotel in New York, he said... "A room for Miss Lane and one for me. I am Prince Hohenlohe.  I did not say anything, because I thought I was dying.  Everyone said I was his girlfriend, when in fact, I was his wife.  He knows what it is to live well?

How did you bear this humiliation?

"Because everything happened so quickly, I had no time to defend myself.  People talked about me as the eternal bride of Alfonso.  I thought all that would change with time. I thought things would change if I married again, but this one was in London.  For a wedding in Las Vegas is illegal in Spain, as you know.  Especially with a view to having children, remarriage was convenient.  Alfonso accepted and got married.  A simple ceremony in a registry office in London ."

Two weddings. One, requested by him, and one by you.

"Yes, but we did not yet live together. He insisted that he live in a separate house. I finally agreed to build a room in his house and started living there. Then, I got pregnant with the first daughter, whom I lost. "

Jackie pauses and slowly tells the thorny issue.

"The doctors did not allow me to move during pregnancy, because I could miscarry.  I stressed to Alfonso to communicate to everyone that we were married since May 3, 1973, because my belly began to grow, and I had to explain that.  His response was to go away and leave me alone."

You were in Marbella?

"No, we were at a clinic in Munich. When I finally returned, the doctor authorized it on condition that I lead a very quiet life, very carefully, or I would lose the baby.  But when we got here, Alfonso told me there was a party that night, a party the next day, always parties.  I wanted to please him and did all I could to accompany him. One day I started to feel really bad. It was the fifth month of pregnancy.  I went to a London clinic, and the doctor told me that the baby I was carrying was dead. Alfonso was not by my side; he had gone to a hunt.  I called him the next day, as they were admitting me in the clinic for the fetus to be removed, and I was very depressed.  He replied that he could not come, because of the hunt.  He said, 'Sorry, I'm sure tomorrow I'll catch the biggest deer of my life, my major trophy, so I cannot be there...' By the time that he arrived at the clinic it was all over."

However, you stayed with him? (Jackie makes a strange pout.)

"Well, when we returned to Marbella and we started to come together at parties and gatherings, he was very happy.  He was again the charming man, and I always forget things momentarily."

Later, Arianna was born. (Arianna is the slim blond girl playing with other girls a few meters from us.)

"Well, yes.  In this pregnancy, I had fewer problems. It was around the holidays.  It was the time when the Arabs started coming to Marbella full of dollars, willing to buy and buy.  Alfonso had dinner with them at home every night. I prepared the table, placed flowers, and took care of the guests, but he left very little home time. I did not go to parties.  He always said he would come to dinner, and we waited on the terrace with the children and until ten, eleven, twelve, one in the morning.  Once I stayed waiting for him until seven in the morning.  I cried so much ... He acknowledged that he left me alone, and I always replied that he did not care if I could not follow his life.  He was always getting ready for interviews, photographs, press.  Each time, he had an excuse not to come home at night."

Arianna was born in 1975.

"On 15 October 1975. I was no longer fighting with Alfonso. I had no strength for it."

Did he accompany you in labor? (Lets out a laugh.)

"I'll tell you ... One month before the birth, I went to London to have her there.  Alfonso went to Marbella; I knew nothing of him for two and a half weeks. Then he phoned with excuses and lies, as always.  He came to London a few days before delivery. The date of birth was planned by the physician.  I said, 'Alfonso, tomorrow I enter a clinic, will you take me in the car?' He replied that it was impossible, he had a very important cocktail party.  I asked if there was anything more important than the birth of his daughter, and he said he could not miss the cocktail party, because he had to see about Arab customers.  Then I thought that there was nothing I could do with this man. I gave up; I realized the impossibility of changing his character."

Arianna was born without difficulty ...

"Yes. But before giving birth, something very important happened to me.  On the way to the clinic, I decided to go by the hotel to tell him something.  As he leaves everything on the table, I saw that there were two plane tickets for two German girls who came that day to London.  Two girls who were known to exercise a certain profession."

What profession? The oldest in the world, perhaps?

"Indeed, then I understood why he could not take me to the clinic.  He had to go to the airport to welcome these two ... (She stops and turns her head, crying slowly before recovering).  He was the last to see his daughter.  Arianna was born at eight forty-five in the afternoon, and he saw her the next day at seven in the evening.  He wined everyone before even seeing his daughter."

The girl is still playing, meanwhile, with her friends. - And Prince Alfonso does not support his daughter?

"Money, nothing.  My mother is the one who supports her. We have an agreement that he would take care of our daughter, but he has not satisfied it."

Then, there was a rethinking of life between the two of you?

"No, because he is a man you can not talk to. When there is a serious conversation between us, he runs away. We have a verbal agreement only."

Who pays your own expenses and those of the girl in the Marbella Club?

"I signed for the expenses you mentioned, but I fear that in the end Alfonso will send me the bill."

In that sense, then, he acts as a parent, according to you?

"When journalists or photographers are around, he is a good father. He has fun with her, if she is in a good mood.  He spends some time with her and leaves."

But perhaps Alfonso does not give money because he does not have it ...

"He has a lot of money! He never had so much as now, for sales made to the Arabs, for all their business here and elsewhere."

Jackie Lane feels strongly about her reasoning.

But, hey, lady, you feel cheated emotionally and financially?

"That's right.  He has even taken my money.  I died. I recently sold a house to an Arab, a mansion of a million dollars. The Arab extended a tip with my commission, several million pesetas. But according to Islamic culture, he did not give me my tip, but gave it to my husband.  The Arabs do not consider it right to negotiate directly with a woman, giving money ...  cultural differences ... Well, Alfonso still has not given me the check and will never give it to me, of course.  The Arab asked me recently if smooth Alfonso had sent me 'that role,' referring to my commission. When I said no, he got enormous eyes and was silent for a while."

It's time to ask a question that Jackie has insinuated herself.

You say that Alfonso is a liar?

"He cannot breathe if not lying."

You say he's a fake.

"The greatest of liars."

She certainly chews the letters in the colored Spanish/English she uses, the lexicon that begs the question twice, in English and in Spanish, to ensure the strict understanding of each question, every nuance that the tape records.

You tell about these lies.

"There is one that, moreover, is funny. When in London, where he was surprised with the issue of German whores, he swore to me that he had been hunting, unaware that in England no hunting is allowed on Sundays.  To prove what he said, he brought me pheasants that he had hunted. The issue was funny, because he had bought them in 'Harrods' and had forgotten to remove the price tag."

You confessed it hurt that, according to you, he had a child with another woman.

"Yes, a girl named Heidi Balzer, someone Alfonso has known for twenty years and is now thought to be supporting.  A girl who was dating Gunther Sachs in the fifties.  She was well known, but not to me.  Anyway, I think that it was a huge thing to have the child of a prince."

Do you think that she intentionally deceived Alfonso?

"She planned it completely.  Alfonso is wise, but he did it anyway, because he has a mania: the obsession to procreate.  Once he told me how many women he has made pregnant. There were six before me.  That is, me and the latter, there are eight."

Alfonso has asked for a divorce?

"No never. Once we discussed it, and I ran away."

She wants him to divorce you?

"I can wait."

Jackie's sly smile reappears, the gesture that has danced on her face throughout the interview, something like a player who keeps an ace.

Let's be honest, ma'am. What do you do with the money you have to give Alfonso's daughter?

"He has to give it anyway, with or without divorce."

For how many millions would you divorce? (Does not know, she answered only with smiles and shakes her head; this smells of lawyers through what she herself clarifies...):

"Of course I have lawyers. Not only here, but elsewhere."

Would you like to drown the years of tears with dollars?

"Alfonso has committed the biggest mistake of his life by having a daughter with Heidi Balzer. According to my lawyers, this has ruptured our home."

Now no smiles, she continues her triumphant assessment with the red hair and lace skirt that vibrates in the wind.

Be honest, how many millions does he have for a divorce?

"Alfonso is big business around the world, but that I have no idea."

She takes the first step to go. Kiss, without kissing her hand in the air.

It won't be so easy, ma'am.  Your husband also has attorneys and friends. (She smiles for the last time and throws, as in a movie, the final barb):

"Well, he's a man who does not want to have problems.  He has always said that it is a shame that women are not like his dog, a black lab, because the dog sits down, shuts up and does what he commands. Alfonso is a difficult man, yes.  But this time you're wrong.

And, she swaggered away, triumphant, the wind blowing from the coast.

Apparently the rancor between the couple was still ongoing in 1982, as evidenced by more sexy paparazzi beach photos of Jocelyn and an accompanying brief article in the September 22 - 28, 1982 edition of the Spanish publication Interviu.

Jackie Lane ex Hohenlohe

Jackie, who is a cautious woman, not only assured her happiness through marriage to Prince Hohenlohe, whom she married in Las Vegas, but soon after, the reinsurance wedding again with the prince in London.   But it was useless.  There is nothing that man united which cannot be disengaged. And much more if this man is a Hohenlohe, who is rich.  So, shortly after Jackie gave birth to a child, the prince put the child and mother out the door.  Jackie protested and called her former husband a "fraud and a liar," besides other violent assertions.  None, however, altered the final result. Both of them began a violent dispute, barricaded behind half a dozen lawyers.  We know that there is a stay in the proceedings, but appearances seem to indicate that Jackie continues to enjoy the delights of the warm sun, which in Spain usually means getting by Marbella.  For now, Jackie appears alone in the pictures, but do not pay too much attention to that.  From the looks of Jackie, the conclusion is that she is still a woman firm enough to show off her attributes as one of the many unemployed who form the aristocracy of international rich and famous at those beaches.  The important thing is to be in the right place and the hour to find Jackie. The rest is a matter of chance.

Here is a photo of Jocelyn and Arianna out together in 1982 (I think that it might be from an issue of Hola magazine; she appears to be defying all laws of physics in maintaining her bosom inside of that dress!  It appears likely that she got breast implants at some point in the late 1970's or early 1980's):

Jocelyn and Alfonso finally divorced in 1984, whereupon Jocelyn received a 1 million pound settlement, which she believed was "not really fitting for a princess" according to press reports.

Here is an Hola magazine article about Jocelyn and Arianna (from the mid-to-late 1980's):

1980's publications in which Jocelyn appeared, but for which I do not yet have images:

Hola - May 10 1980
Gente - February 27, 1981 (Caroline cover)
Novella 2000 - No. 17-18 - 1982

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Jocelyn Lane: 1971 - 1979

1970's Spanish Publication

In 1971, Jocelyn settled into being a socialite among the internationally rich and famous, appearing as herself in a 1971 West German television documentary.  Her relationship with Beldon Katleman ended as she became seriously involved with Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, owner of the famous Marbella Club in Spain.  There were even rumors that the two would be married that year.  The marriage did not happen, however, until 1973 in Las Vegas.  Rumors were that his mother was against the marriage.  Later in 1973, they had an "official" wedding ceremony in Spain.  

The remainder of the 1970's saw Jocelyn as a socialite wife and mother, living in Spain and garnering attention as such, mostly in the Spanish press. There were reports that she had a miscarriage in 1974.  In 1975, her only child, Princess Arriana Theresa Mara von Hohenlohe was born. 


The February 22, 1971 Suzy Knickerbocker gossip column reported:

"Surprise! Surprise!  Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, 54, the aristocratic proprietor of the Marbella Club in Marbella, Spain, and the new Marbella Club in Acapulco, Mexico, will marry Jackie Lane this weekend in Marbella.

You all remember Jackie.  She has been coupled with this one and that one through the years, including the Brazilian playboy of yore, Baby Pignatari, who was once married to Princess Ira zu Furstenberg wo was also married to Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe when she was 15.  Let's hear it out there for what a small world it is.

Anyhow-Jackie's romance for the last five years has been Los Angeles financier Beldon Katleman who owns hotels and things in Las Vegas.  He also owns part of the land on which the Marbella Club in Acapulco stands.  Listen, maybe he'll give it to Jackie for a wedding present.  Yes, and maybe he won't.

Alfonso is half Mexican, his mother being an Yurbe, synonymous for one of Mexico's first families.  His father, Prince Max Hohenlohe, bought land in Marbella when it cost nothing and held on until it reached the sky.  Alfonso built his club on the land - and you know the rest."

IMDB says that Jocelyn appeared as herself in the first episode of a West German television documentary series called V.I.P. - Schaukel, which aired on May 9, 1971.

A photo of Jocelyn appeared in the July 1971 edition of the Spanish publication C7:

The September 15, 1971 gossip column Voice of Broadway noted:  Beldon Katleman of the Las Vegas hiearchy didn't know what happened - there was his favorite actress, Jackie Laine, suddenly very serious about Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe."

I do not know the date of this picture of Jocelyn with Hohenlohe, but I am going to include it here for now.  It looks like it is probably from the early stages of their courtship:

Here are additional photos at the same event:


Here is a picture of Jocelyn on the front page of a January 21, 1972 West German newspaper.  The accompanying small article appears to be something about her and an Arab sheik, but I cannot read the print in the photo well enough to attempt a translation.

A photo of Jocelyn graced the cover of the March 24, 1972 edition of a South African publication, Huisgenoot:

From Daily Girl, June 1972:

Here is a 1972 photo of Jocelyn:

1972 publications in which Jocelyn appeared, but for which I do not yet have any images:

Weekend (UK) - February 1972


An old 1964 picture of Jocelyn on the cover of the May 1973 edition of the U.S. publication Saga, in which a pictorial of mid-to-late 1960's photos appears:

Jocelyn O. Bolton married Alfonso Hohenlohe on May 3, 1973 in Las Vegas, according to Clark County Nevada marriage records.  Jocelyn listed her residence state as New Mexico.  I'm presuming that she obtained an address there for a very limited time, because it was the quickest way to meet residency requirements to get married in Nevada.  Alfonso was a few weeks shy of his 49th birthday, and Jocelyn was a couple of weeks shy of her 36th birthday.

The Dorothy Manners Hollywood gossip column on May 26, 1973 reported:

"Jackie Lane, former sexy-type actress in Hollywood and former girl friend of wealthy Beldon Katleman, called him from Las Vegas to congratulate him on his recent marriage to Carol Belcher.  Jackie had some marriage news of her own.

She had just married Prince Alphonse Hohenloe (ex-husband of Ira Furstenberg) in Vegas.  Ever since Jackie departed the Hollywood scene she and the Prince have been constantly together in Marbella, Spain, where he operates the 'in' nightclub.

No longer an actress, sexy or otherwise, Jackie has been doing well in real estate in resorts in Spain.  Hohenloe also has a nightclub in Mexico which the newlywoods will visit before returning to Marbella."

Jocelyn on the cover of the June 1973 edition of the Spanish publication Gaceta Ilustrada:

In the June 17, 1973 edition of the Colorado Springs, CO Gazette Telegraph, there is a syndicated gossip column about royals that says:

"We reported here not long ago that Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, who runs the swank Marbella Club in Southern Spain, was observing mama's wishes and not marrying his long-playing girlfriend Jackie Lane.  Well, the other day love triumphed and Jackie and the Prince said 'I do' in a civil ceremony in New York.  The Prince would still like a Vatican annulment to his one-time marriage to Princess ira Furstenberg.  (My, these things get complicated - we seem to recall there had to be special Vatican permission for Alfonso and Ira to marry in the first place, since at the time, she was only sixteen years old).

The same gossip column, in the October 7, 1973 edition, reported:

"Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, who runs the Marbella Club in the South of Spain, will wed his long-time girlfriend Jackie Lane in November.  That is to say, the are already married, but this time it will be 'official.' Conservative Spanish society has already accepted the match."

Publication in which Jocelyn appeared in 1973, but for which I do not yet have any images:

Persona - April 1973


In the first part of 1974, the Spanish press was reporting that Jocelyn and Alfonso had married and were expecting their first child in July.  The publication Diez Minutos:

The article generally translated as follows:

"Jackie Lane expecting her first child in July"

"One of the places where the most important names in the 'Jet-Set' international meet is the bar of the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland.  Here the Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, owner of the Marbella Club hotel, on the Costa del Sol, and actress Jackie Lane have invited a few days ago a group of friends for a big announcement.  Among those present were the famous conductor Herbert von Karajan with his wife, Eliette, and former playboy Gunter Sachs, along with his wife Mirja.

The news was: Alfonso, forty-nine years and Jackie, thirty-three, had married. The wedding took place in the spring of last year in Las Vegas, as he himself confessed.  But it was not just this that Alfonso and Jackie had to communicate with friends. There was something more: Jackie is expecting their first child in July."

In the Spring of 1974, the Marbella Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary, which was documented in the May 4, 1974 edition of the Spanish publication Semana.  Prince Hohenlohe's current wife, Jocelyn, and ex-wife, Ira von Furstenberg, were in attendance.

On July 7, 1974, the Dorothy Manners Hollywood gossip column reported:

"Was Jackie Lane, former glamorous starlet, now the wife of Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, of Marbella, quietly in town last week?  Some former friends report she had slipped in on business and saw her old friend and former fiance Beldon Katleman.  If she was, the trip was certainly a quickie.  Jackie and her titled mate are well covered in international gossip columns and she's a familiar face to local reporters.

Not long ago it was printed in European papers that Jackie and the Prince had lost an expected baby and that she had been ill."

1974 publications in which Jocelyn appeared, but for which I do not yet have any images:

Semana - August 24, 1974


Here are some photos of Jocelyn in 1975 when she was pregnant (from a Spanish publication):

Jocelyn's daughter, Princess Arriana Theresa Mara von Hohenlohe was born on October 15, 1975 in London, England.  After Arriana's birth, the family was featured in the Spanish publication Hola:

A picture of the couple with newborn Arriana also appeared on another Spanish publication, Diez Minutos:

Here is a picture of Jocelyn with Sean Connery.  I think that it is probably from 1975, since that type of mustache is what he wore in The Man Who Would Be King (released in December of 1975).  I do not know where the photo was taken (perhaps the Marbella Club?).


I have not yet been able to locate any information about what Jocelyn was up to in 1976.

1976 publications in which Jocelyn appeared, but for which I do not yet have any images:

Week - December 1976


Variety, February 16, 1977:  Reporting from Frankfurt on February 15, there is an article called "German Prince Opening Chic Nitery for Oil-Rich Men At Arab Sheikdom."  The article reports that German Prince Alfonso zu Hohenlohe is known in show business as "the ex-husband of sometimes actress Princess Ira zu Fuerstenburg and currently wed to film starlet Jackie Lane."  In addition to his Marbella Club society and showbiz hangout in southern Spain, he is now opening a nightspot in Sharja, one of the United Arab Emirates along the Persian Gulf.   

Here is a picture of Jocelyn with her husband and Arriana.  I'm not sure of the exact date, but based on the look of Arriana, my guess is that it is from 1977.


Jocelyn was featured in the February 1978 edition of Persona (It appears that the photos were probably taken a few years earlier):

Pictures of Jocelyn appeared in the August 3, 1978 edition of a West German publication, Praline:

The gist of the Praline article is that Alfonso's son Hubertus (with Ira von Furstenerg) was dating an 18-year-old Spanish girl, who was a commoner.  Supposedly Alfonso was not happy about that and had tried to set him up with girls of nobility.  The article notes that Hubertus did not understand why his father would have such a view, since he married actress Jackie Lane, who was not nobility.

Here is a picture of Jocelyn with Arriana in 1978:

For a couple of cool pictures of Jocelyn and Alfonso in 1978, check out these links:

Classic Jocelyn look with Alfonso

Jocelyn in hat with Alfonso

1978 publications in which Jocelyn appeared, but for which I do not yet have any images:

Hola - May 1978


I have found no indications of what Jocelyn was up to in 1979.