Friday, August 30, 2019

Large Update of New Images

I finally got around to making a large update to the blog (100+ images added), the first major update in the last few years.

If you've been here in the past and enjoyed the posts, you might want to take a look back through the posts again.

Autographed Items

I thought that I would dedicate a post to items that have been purportedly autographed by Jocelyn.  It will be interesting to see how many such items are floating around and if the signatures appear to be the same.  I'll update this with additional items as I come across them.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Friday, March 9, 2018

American Bandstand - 1965

Here is an interview with Jocelyn on American Bandstand that aired on July 17, 1965:

Interesting notes from the interview:

She states that she moved from New Rochelle, NY to England at age 12.
She says that she started acting a couple of years ago (HAHA!)
She says that she would like to sing in movies.
She says that she has been living back in the USA for about 10 months.
Dick refers to her as "Jackie" as he's finishing up the interview.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Get Smart: Season 4

Recently, IMDB added a new listing to Jocelyn's filmography:  Season 4, Episode 16 of Get Smart, an episode that aired in January of 1969.  The listing is inaccurate; Jocelyn DOES NOT appear in that episode.  The on-screen credits at the end of the show include a listing for "Jackie Lane" as the "Hippie," but that person is not our Jocelyn.  The "Hippie" was played by a black male, and Jocelyn does not otherwise make an appearance.  Perhaps they will correct this entry in the future.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Charlie Drake In: Grandad Was a Wrestler

Charlie Drake was a British comedian, actor, writer and singer who appeared in several TV show incarnations in Great Britain in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  Standing at only 5'1" tall, his famed catchphrase was "Hello my darlings!" as he was typically about eye-level with the bosom of a busty co-star.  He had a show called Charlie Drake In... that ran from 1958 to 1960.  

IMDB has added a credit to Jocelyn's filmography indicating that she appeared in an episode of this show, which was called Grandad Was a Wrestler.  It aired on November 25, 1958.

As far as I can tell, this show has never been released or re-broadcast, so my presumption is that it is likely a Jocelyn appearance that we will never get to view.  I have never seen any pictures from it either.

If anyone has any other information about Jocelyn's appearance in this show, I would love to hear about it.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Jocelyn Lane: 1990 - Present

Very little information is available to tell us what Jocelyn was up to after the 1980's.  IMDB notes that, as of 2001:

"Jocelyn (as Jackie Lane) is a successful designer of feather necklaces and creator of 'Princess J Feather Collection,' being marketed in California and London."

I have no idea how accurate that information is, because I have never seen any other source to confirm it or explain it.

We can tell, however, that Jocelyn still occasionally has made the society pages in relation to her daughter and ex-husband, and the photos appear to show an attractive older woman that has aged gracefully.

Here is a picture of Jocelyn with her ex-stepsons and Alfonso's wife (or their mother Ira?).  I am not sure of the date (Christopher died in 2006).

Here is Jocelyn at Arriana's wedding in Marbella on June 30, 2001 (age 64):

Arriana married Dixon Boardman, a wealthy American businessman, who is 30 years older than her.  Press reports about the wedding indicated that Jocelyn, at that time, was a resident of Los Angeles.

Jocelyn's ex-husband, Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, died of prostate cancer at his mansion in Marbella, Spain on December 21, 2003 at age 79.  This appears to be Jocelyn (age 66) at Alfonso's funeral (over Arriana's left shoulder):

Jocelyn at Alfonso's funeral?

This picture of Jocelyn is reportedly from 2006 (age 69).

Alfonso's daughter, Desiree, with model Heidi Balzar, got married on September 22, 2012, and it appears that both of Alfonso's ex-wives and their children were in attendance.  Here is a photo that appears to show Jocelyn (age 75) in the background, wearing a hat (I don't know who the man is on her arm):

Jocelyn at Desiree's wedding?

I will update this post, if I learn any additional information about Jocelyn over the last 25+ years.  I will also continue to update the prior posts with new images and information as they become available to me.  If anyone happens upon my little blog and has additional information, I would love to know about it.

As for future new posts, they may not be as frequent, because the blog is set up as sort of a chronological pictorial biography of Jocelyn's life and career, comprised of the posts originated over the last 6 months.  I will, however, try to add some fun new posts from time to time.  For example, I intend to make a post that simply charts the reported dating life of Jocelyn through the years.  In other words, a list of the men linked romantically with Jocelyn at one time or another.

Let's hope that Jocelyn has her mother's genes and has many happy years ahead of her.  It would certainly be fascinating to meet and talk with her, or to read a current interview with her.  She has lived an interesting life.

UPDATE 9/1/2016:

A reader, Carlos, kindly provided the following additional information in a comment to a post:

"After divorcing from Alfonso she moved to the U.S, I think to New Hampshire and later to California.  On the occasion of her daughter's wedding to Investment Banker Dixon Boardman in Marbella she decided to move back to Spain.  She started her fashion accessories business.  At one point she needed a factory to produce her Handbags because she couldn't cope with the orders on her own anymore.  She therefore went on a business trip to Morocco.  Where she met a young Swiss Discjockey who was working in several Lounge Bars in and around Tangier.  He accompanied her in the capacity of a translator to Casablanca to negotiate a deal with a Leather manufacturer.  From what I heard the two of them fell madly in love and moved in together shortly after they met.  With Jackie moving first to Tangier, then to Casablanca and back to Tangier. Last I heard is that they live in Chelsea-London since 2013."